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Boynton Beach Martial Arts

Functional Self Defense Classes and Martial Arts in Boynton Beach, FL



Boynton Beach residents are shocked at how fast this kickboxing program gets you into shape!

#1  We combine cardio, resistance, and interval training to give you the most fat-melting workout possible. Individually, each of these forms of exercise is powerful.

  Combine all three... and you've got one heck of an awesome, fat-burning Cardio Kickboxing workout. 

#2  There is nothing... NOTHING... more

stress-relieving than hitting a punching bag. Whether you're coming to kickboxing class after a long day of work... or you've been dealing with the kids and the spouse all day and need a break… as soon as you get started the stress will ooze away. Plus, its a well-known scientific fact that intense exercise relieves stress in every area of your life. Feel calm and peaceful as you go about your day. And watch as situations and people that used to stress you out become easy to handle!

#3  It feels comforting to know you can handle yourself. Especially if you ever find yourself walking around or being out at night. However, after just a few classes, your confidence in your ability to defend yourself will skyrocket.And that confidence will be backed by skill and technique.

You'll quickly master how to kick and

punch in the most effective way.

#4   It feels GOOD to look in the mirror and love what you see. If everyday you look in the mirror.. and see things you don't like... that negative energy carries into every area of your life. But imagine if you looked in the mirror, and got a rush of excitement at how good you look. Imagine how that positive energy would fill your day - and how you would bring it to others too. It could happen - and very quickly too. In fact, I see people feeling better and better about themselves every week with our kickboxing classes.

Fitness Kick Boxing and Cardio Kickboxing
Fitness Kick Boxing and Cardio Kickboxing

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Boynton Beach Martial Arts

Boynton Beach Martial Arts 3100 S. Congress av. Unit 4 Boynton Beach 33426

561 654-0503