Birth of Huk Ju Sool


       Huk Ju Sool  

 In November 2002 GM Rodriguez received Official Recognition for his 

Huk Ju Sool Hapkido System and the World Huk Ju Sool Hapkido Association from His Hapkido Instructor Huk Ju Kwan Grandmaster Tony A. Ramey.

 Huk Ju Kwan Hapkido is a Recognized and Registered Style of Hapkido in the Korea Hapkido Federation and Korea Kido Hae. Recognition and Authorization is Important as it is rare to find a Master Instructor who comes up the Ranks and is Given this Honor and privilege from his Grandmaster.
The man who is commonly known as the founder of Hapkido returned to Korea from Japan where he had been taken during the Japanese occupation.  His name... Choi Yong-Sool.  There is much debate about Choi's life.  Some say he was taken to Japan as a servant, others as a student, there are no records to support any one argument. Despite For this reason it is IMPORTANT to join an Association who's' Roots are Strong and Organization is not a mere Diploma Mill. Grandmaster Rodriguez is dedicated to bringing his students the Most Scientific and Sound Street Hapkido. 

 Heuk Choo Kwan

Heuk Choo Kwan is one of several dozen schools of Hapkido throughout the world over 60 in Korea (22 in Taejon alone) and seven in the United States. It was founded in Korea in 1960 by Grandmaster Jin Jong Moon and his brother, Senior Master Jin Bok Moon.

 The Heuk Choo Kwan headquarters in the U.S. is headed by Grandmaster Young Gul Son.  Grandmaster Son is dedicated to the growth, exposure  and movement of Heuk Choo Kwan in the U.S.  Our Association has a direct link to Korea providing us with technique curriculum,  training, certified official testing, and dojang materials for schools in America to keep all members current and up to date. 



Certified Instructors

  ONLY Persons named on this Website are Certified and Authorized to teach our systems!

Angel Jimenez - Vice President World Huk Ju Sool Association

Gian Lee Rodriguez - Vice President World Huk Ju Sool Association

Joe Lonergan - Vice President World Huk Ju Sool Association
Manuel Ramos - President Panama Huk Ju Sool - Vice President World Huk Ju Sool Association 
Ahmed Alhenaki - President Saudi Arabia Huk Ju Sool

Huk Ju Sool Hapkido

Huk Ju Sool Hapkido

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