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Womens Self Defense

 E.T.G.S.F - Escape To Gain Safety Fast. Womens Self Defense Program

 Is a special course designed by Sifu Paul Vunak, former Navy Seals Instructor and my Instructor, for today's busy and active mother, wife, or daughter.
"Let us give you a fighting chance in your darkest hour !"
Our classes, workshops and private group training provide you with the skills necessary to make the right choices and get away safely during a random act of violence. Our workshops are specialized self protection and empowerment events that provide you with the tools in dealing with the physical and emotional stress of an escalating confrontation.
The moves have been scientifically chosen to work in  real life assaults, where there are no rules. As a result there are only a hand full of moves. Each move is unbelievably effective and can be learned and mastered in a few hours.
You don't have to be quick, or coordinated or even in decent physical shape. You don't need to train constantly to become a master. All the deadly power comes from extensions of the way your body naturally moves. This is called your "gross motor skills" -- the same simple movements you use to walk across the room, to scratch your ear, or to step into a car.
Isn't it time to really know how to protect yourself so you can walk the streets with confidence ? Military Technology for the everyday Mom, Wife, Sister, and Daughter in Boynton Beach and Delray Beach. Practical Effective martial arts

Womens Self Defense
Womens Self Defense